Stand Down Due to COVID Incident

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Oct 152021

The Squadron will not be parading on Friday 15 Oct or Monday 18 Oct due to a COVID incident.  This is line with RAFAC guidance which we must implement in addition to NHS guidelines.

We will start Parading again on Friday 22 Oct 21 with a new start time of 7.15 pm.


M Berry


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Change to Parade Night Arrangements

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Sep 032021

From Monday the 06 Sep 21 the Squadron will be changing the way it parades as we are no longer required to maintain ‘bubbles’ under RAFAC Regulations.  The main changes will be:

  • Removal of bubbles with all cadets expected to parade on both Monday and Friday evenings (although you may continue to parade on one night a week if you wish to do so, but please let us know).  This is subject to having a maximum capacity of 28 cadets within the building.
  • Cadets are now required to keep a minimum distance of 1 metre within the hut.  The use of the 1 way corridor remains in place and masks are still to be worn in the hut.

During the month of September we request that you return to wearing uniform where possible and in line with the Training Programme.  Please return uniform that no longer fits and we will try and replace it with the right size.

Initially we aim to parade in MTP/DPM moving towards the ability to parade in Blue Uniform by the end of September.  If you are unable to parade in Blue Uniform MTP/DPM will be acceptable.

The start time of 7.30 PM and end time of 9.30 PM will remain in place.  If you have any questions or queries please contact via


M Berry



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Provision of MTP (Camouflage) Clothing to Cadets

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Aug 132021

After examining our stocks of MTP clothing we have come to the conclusion that at present we are unfortunately unable to issue this type of uniform to cadets.  MTP clothing is not issued through the RAF and is therefore provided on best endeavours by RAFAC Squadrons.

This situation may change as other cadets return uniform.  However, for the present we recommend that cadets purchase their own set of MTP clothing consisting of the following:

  • PCS MTP Combat Shirt
  • PCS MTP Combat Trousers
  • Olive Green Webbing Belt

Additionally for working outdoors cadets may wish to purchase:

  • PCS MTP Combat Smock

You will also need an olive green or black T shirt to wear under your combat shirt.

Please note that UBACs clothing is not allowed.

We recognise this is an additional cost and should you find this is causing financial difficulties, please email the Squadron or contact a member of staff on a parade night as there are measures in place to deal with this kind of situation.

We intend to start parading in uniform in early September.  In parallel we will be sorting through the ‘blue’ uniform provided by the RAF and attempting to issue update cadets RAF uniform as well as ordering new uniform from the RAF.

There are a number of websites that sell surplus MTP clothing and our advice is to do a bit of ‘shopping around’ to get the best prices.

If you have any questions or concerns please chat them through with a member of staff on a parade evening and we will do our best to answer them.




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Returning to Face to Face training

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Jul 012021

It is with great pleasure that I am able to inform you that our unit has now been granted permission to reopen and we are in the process of making final preparations, as such I have written to all of our Cadets advising them of what happens next. After a pause that proved to be much longer than any of us expected, we are very grateful to finally get back to a new normal and working with our Cadets once again


As a key action, can all Cadets confirm their intention to return to the Squadron so that we can organise the COVID bubbles


Regarda Flt Lt Haywood

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Presentation Skills VPN Cancelled 15 Mar 21

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Mar 152021

Due to technical difficulties with MS Teams we have not been able to start up the lesson this evening.  Apologies for any inconvenience.  This lesson will be run again next month.


M Berry



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Squadron Commanders Christmas Message

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Dec 202020


As 2020 draws to a close I would like to thank all of the Parents, Guardians & Cadets for your continued commitment and support to the Squadron, in what has been an extremely challenging year for all of us.

Nobody could have predicted the events of this year and moving our activities from face to face to a virtual platform was a huge challenge for both the RAF Air Cadet organisation and the unit staff.  I would like to personally thank my staff for their commitment and support in moving to the virtual platform and delivering a wide variety of activities and lessons throughout the year.

The Cadet NCO team have been very active in assisting the staff team to deliver activities and I would like to thank them for their support and professionalism.  They have delivered presentations and some amazing Quizzes, which have been popular with both Cadets and staff. The Cadet NCO Team have been consistent in their attendance and support of online activities throughout the year, as well as keeping up the morale and interest of the younger Cadets.

Despite the challenges posed by both the COVID-19 pandemic and our new learning environment the Cadets have continued to achieve a lot throughout the year.  We have delivered two blocks of Aviation based training that has allowed Cadets to continue to work towards their BTEC Qualifications as well as pass their Classification exams.

In addition, we have delivered presentations on Cadet activities such as Annual Camp, Flying, Gliding, Shooting and the Squadron’s own Section Commanders Course. The Squadron has also been able to deliver online Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme training as well as Fieldcraft, Drill and Uniform upkeep.

We even managed to hold a Squadron Promotion Board.  Congratulations go to Cadet Gentle who successfully passed the Promotion Board and has now been promoted to Cadet Corporal.

A number of external courses have also been made available to the Cadets including Radio and Cyber Courses.  Some of the Cadet NCOs have also been able to attend Promotion courses online as well.

My Staff have also been busy with Sergeant Bower, Sergeant Way and Pilot Officer Williams all virtually attending their Initial Courses at RAF Cranwell allowing them to become fully qualified in their rank and remove the dreaded ‘white tapes’.  In addition, staff have continued to do the necessary annual mandatory training to keep them up to date with their qualifications.

My Staff have also been busy working with the wider RAF Air Cadet organisation behind the scenes, in order to get the Squadron back to face to face training.  Given the current circumstances it is unclear as to exactly when this will be, however I will keep Parents and Cadets updated as things develop.

In closing I hope we can look forward to a better year for all in 2021 as well as a return to face to face training as a Squadron.  I would like to wish Staff, Parents, Cadets and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to a new year of Cadet activities in 2021.


Yours Sincerely

Flt Lt K Haywood

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