Virtual Parade Evenings

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Mar 292020

Dear Cadets & Parents/Guardians

In light of the restrictions we currently face, the organisation has been working hard behind the scenes to provide infrastructure and IT solutions to launch the delivery of the Cadet experience through virtual Parade evenings.

The 2358 staff team have also been working hard behind the scenes familiarising themselves with this new technology and ways of working, and I am pleased to announce that we now feel ready to begin delivery of virtual Parade evenings.

We will be publishing events through Cadet Portal, which will automatically send an email to each Cadet, Cadets should then copy the link to the live presentation from the event into their internet browser and join the event at the specified time. The first event is planned for this coming Thursday.

Watch out for changes to the Calendar on this website with updates to the planned events. Parents will be contacted directly in due course to support this communication to ensure all Cadets are aware that we are back up & running.

Cadets & Parents/Guardians should email the Squadron of they have any difficulty with these new planned arrangements, especially those who have not yet established a working Cadet portal login.

Flt Lt K Haywood

OC 2358 (Ferndown) Squadron

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Cancellation of Parade Evenings

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Mar 162020

Dear Cadets & Parents/Guardians

In line with Todays announcement from the UK Government with regards to the increased control measures relative to coronavirus, and the requirement to avoid social contact and non-essential travel.

The Squadron will not be Parading this evening – 16 March 2020.

The Squadron does not intend to Parade in the near future unless their is clear Strategic Direction from HQ Air Cadets to do so, or a change in position from the UK Government.

Flt Lt K Haywood

Officer Commanding 2358 (Ferndown) Squadron

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Presentation at Wimborne Squadron

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Feb 272020
Good evening all, The squadron has been invited to attend a presentation at 1069 Wimborne squadron on Friday 27th March forming part of the wings directive to educate in equality, diversity and inclusivity. On this night all cadets will need to make their own way to Wimborne squadron for their parade evening. Timings are the [...]
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Open Evening for New Recruits – 28th Feb 2020

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Feb 102020
Our next Open Evening for new recruits will be on the 28th February. If you are12 years old or over, and in year 8, and like the idea of Flying, Gliding, Shooting, Fieldcraft and Adventure Training plus much more, log onto our website at and click on the joining us tab to register your interest and we’ll be in touch to provide you with details of when and where.
Alternatively, just send me an email at
You’ll spend the evening learning about life in the Cadets and seeing some of the activities we do, you’ll even get the chance to join in. If you like what you see you’ll be able to start coming from Monday 2nd March with no fees to be paid until July 2020.
We Parade on Monday and Friday evening all year round, breaking only for Bank Holidays and a Christmas stand-down, not bad for just £80 per year, we even provide the uniform for free. You can come on your own, with friends and with Parents, its really up to you.
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Training Program v1.1

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Jan 252020
Good evening all, Minor modifications to the training program have been made with version 1.1 now uploaded to the squadron website. Please see below for details of changes: (dates in American format in above picture)   CI A. Lee Training Officer    
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Cadet Subscriptions

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Jan 132020
Dear Parents Cadet Subscriptions are now due for the sum of £70 (if paying for the full year) or £20 (if paying for the first Quarter). For those parents who have set up a Standing Order please disregard this post, all other parents should now arrange to make the payment to the Squadron. A letter [...]

2020 Training Program Uploaded

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Dec 262019
Good evening all, The 2020 training program has now been uploaded to the squadron website (not cadet portal yet). This is version 1 and as usual is likely to be revised over the year as changes occur. You will notice that there are a few alterations to the structure of the program itself as detailed [...]
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Flight Simulator

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Nov 192019
Good morning all, We have been given the opportunity for some cadets to attend 1069 Wimborne squadron on Monday 25th November to use their Flight Simulator. Cadets would need to arrive at Ferndown squadron prior to the start of the parade night where transport to and from Wimborne squadron will be provided. Cadets wishing to [...]
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Bronze Cyber Cadet Course

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Nov 172019
Good morning all, Please find attached admin order for the Bronze Cyber Cadet Course being run at Wimborne squadron on Saturday 7th December. Those cadets who have already shown an interest have been added to the bidding list, see names below: Cpl Stewart Cpl Spence Cpl Corney Cdt Gentle Cdt Mills Cdt McGuigan   Any [...]
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Lost Property

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Nov 112019
Could I please ask all cadets who attended Parade this evening to double check that they collected the correct MTP PCS Field Jacket before they went home as we are looking for a missing iPhone. I would be grateful if any Cadet who discovers that they have accidently picked up the wrong jacket which contains [...]