2020 Training Program Uploaded

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Dec 262019
Good evening all, The 2020 training program has now been uploaded to the squadron website (not cadet portal yet). This is version 1 and as usual is likely to be revised over the year as changes occur. You will notice that there are a few alterations to the structure of the program itself as detailed [...]
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Flight Simulator

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Nov 192019
Good morning all, We have been given the opportunity for some cadets to attend 1069 Wimborne squadron on Monday 25th November to use their Flight Simulator. Cadets would need to arrive at Ferndown squadron prior to the start of the parade night where transport to and from Wimborne squadron will be provided. Cadets wishing to [...]
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Bronze Cyber Cadet Course

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Nov 172019
Good morning all, Please find attached admin order for the Bronze Cyber Cadet Course being run at Wimborne squadron on Saturday 7th December. Those cadets who have already shown an interest have been added to the bidding list, see names below: Cpl Stewart Cpl Spence Cpl Corney Cdt Gentle Cdt Mills Cdt McGuigan   Any [...]
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Lost Property

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Nov 112019
Could I please ask all cadets who attended Parade this evening to double check that they collected the correct MTP PCS Field Jacket before they went home as we are looking for a missing iPhone. I would be grateful if any Cadet who discovers that they have accidently picked up the wrong jacket which contains [...]

Bronze DofE

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Sep 272019
Please see the attached letter detailing the next part of the application process for those who have submitted participation forms for the DofE Bronze Award. CI Williams

RAF Cosford Selection

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Sep 272019
The following Cadets have been selected to attend RAF Cosford Camp from 26 Oct 19 – 02 Nov 19 Sgt Morgan Cpl Corney Cpl Bennell Cdt Harris Cdt Everett Joining Instructions will follow in due course.

Sports Trials

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Sep 162019

Good evening all,

For those cadets attending sports trials this Sunday please find attached admin order, updated sports eligibility and TG forms. Please ensure that you thoroughly read all of the attached documentation and correctly complete the required sections.

Cadets wishing to attend will be required to arrange their own transport.

CI A Lee

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PT – 16 Sep 19

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Sep 152019
Cadets In a change to the advertised program, tomorrow night will consist of Physical Training. Cadets are to attend in MTP/CS95 and trainers.

Wing Activities Day 2019

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Sep 132019

Admin Order for Wing Activities Day – 15/09/2019



  • Arrive at squadron for 0645
  • Coach leaves at 0700
  • RTU 1730
  • Arrive at squadron 1830


  • All Personnel in CS95/MTP
  • Drill team to bring 2s (light blue shirt and tie) Jumpers should be brought
  • CI’s to wear issued shirt and/or jumper

Changing for drill team:

  1. Changing should be done in transport where possible or downstairs RAC toilets (male) and downstairs drying room or RAC female toilets (females)


  • Packed lunch should be brought
  • Small change may be brought for the tuck shop although this should not be relied on
  • Trainers should be brought if cadets wish to use the climbing wall or MTB activities
  • Suitable equipment for the weather should be brought (sunscreen/waterproofs etc.)
  • 3822 with photo ID and TG21/23s must be brought in order for cadets to attend


  • You will be representing the squadron at a Wing event so professional conduct is expected
  • Will most likely be a no saluting event although this will be confirmed on arrival
  • VIPs (will be escorted by the lord lieutenant’s cadets) must be saluted
  • Team manager is responsible for conduct and behaviour of cadets at all times.

Out of Bounds:

The following are out of bounds:

  1. Regional activities centre (except toilets)
  2. Aerospace centre
  • Wing HQ unless instructed otherwise
  1. Access to Wing HQ toilets for changing is via the RAC entrance

First aid & Emergency:

  • Minor injuries are to be treated in the Admin cell
  • In the event of an injury Sqn staff and Admin cell staff should be informed
  • If necessary casualties will be taken to Salisbury District Hospital
  • OIC WAD or his deputy should be advised ASAP


  • Cadets should use the toilets in the conference centre or ground floor RAC toilets (male)



-CI Harding

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New Recruit Intake Evening – 30th September

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Sep 062019

Our next Open Evening for new recruits will be on the 30th September. If you are12 years old or over, and in year 8, and like the idea of Flying, Gliding, Shooting, Fieldcraft and Adventure Training plus much more, click on the joining us tab to register your interest and we’ll be in touch to provide you with details of when and where.
Alternatively, just send an email at mailbox@2358atc.org.uk

You’ll spend the evening learning about life in the Cadets and seeing some of the activities we do, you’ll even get the chance to join in. If you like what you see you’ll be able to start coming from Friday 4th October with no fees to be paid until January 2020.

We Parade on Monday and Friday evening all year round, breaking only for Bank Holidays and a Christmas stand-down, not bad for just £80 per year, we even provide the uniform for free. You can come on your own, with friends and with Parents, its really up to you.

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