Nov 092020

Update 15 Nov 20

Unfortunately due to none COVID related issues this camp is now cancelled.

Sgt H Bower


There is a Wing run shooting camp due to take place from 12/02/21 to 16/02/21 (COVID19 restrictions permitting) at Longmoor camp.

This is intended for cadets who have never undertaken any training or live firing on the L98A2 previously, and will provide the full course of initial weapons training on the L98A2 followed by two days of live firing.

The only pre-requisite for the camp is that cadets are sufficiently mature and physically fit to operate the weapon (e.g. no temporary injuries, broken bones, etc).

Timings and travel arrangements will be briefed closer to the time, though it is worth noting that the camp may be postponed due to COVID19.

For all those interested please email WO Roberton at:   no later than the 18th of November

-SGT Way

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