Sep 032021

From Monday the 06 Sep 21 the Squadron will be changing the way it parades as we are no longer required to maintain ‘bubbles’ under RAFAC Regulations.  The main changes will be:

  • Removal of bubbles with all cadets expected to parade on both Monday and Friday evenings (although you may continue to parade on one night a week if you wish to do so, but please let us know).  This is subject to having a maximum capacity of 28 cadets within the building.
  • Cadets are now required to keep a minimum distance of 1 metre within the hut.  The use of the 1 way corridor remains in place and masks are still to be worn in the hut.

During the month of September we request that you return to wearing uniform where possible and in line with the Training Programme.  Please return uniform that no longer fits and we will try and replace it with the right size.

Initially we aim to parade in MTP/DPM moving towards the ability to parade in Blue Uniform by the end of September.  If you are unable to parade in Blue Uniform MTP/DPM will be acceptable.

The start time of 7.30 PM and end time of 9.30 PM will remain in place.  If you have any questions or queries please contact via


M Berry



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