The Air Cadets has one of the biggest gliding organisations in the UK. Around the UK there are a number of Volunteer Gliding Schools (VGS) which provide gliding to the Air Cadets. As with the Grob Tutor there are flights to give you air experience in the glider. After this the first step in your gliding experience is to complete the Gliding Induction Course (GIC).

Gliding Induction Course

This course consists of 3 stages GIC1 – GIC3. At each stage you will conduct some classroom work, where you learn about the theory of aerodynamics and controlling the glider, followed by a flight where you will put the theory into practice.

GIC Flights and Times
Stages Launches Flight Time
GIC1 1 20 mins
GIC2 3 25 mins
GIC3 5 30 mins
Gliding Scholarship Course

Once you have completed your GIC Course the next stage will be the Gliding Scholarship Course to get your ‘Wings’. This course can result in you being able to fly the glider solo at the age of just 16 years.

The course is open to any cadet who is over the age of 16 and has completed the GIC Course. Once you have completed the standard medical you can begin the course.

The course will be run over weekends or for a single week (usually during the summer) Flying times may vary but generally if you are using the Vigilant Glider you can expect to be airborne for 8 hours plus and on the Viking you would be looking at up to 40 launches. At the end of the course, if your instructors thinks you are capable, you will be allowed to fly the glider solo, achieving your silver GS wings. Successful completion of the course will allow you to wear your blue GS wings on your ATC uniform

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