Training and Education


Part of the training you receive as an Air Cadet is learning about aviation and other subjects. Lessons make full use of modern technology and teaching techniques. Assessments are either oral (spoken) or completed individually in a web based environment.

What you may not of realised is that successful completion of various areas of the Air Cadet Training syllabus could lead to a BTEC qualification, equivalent to GCSEs.

BTEC Award in Aviation Studies (equivalent to 1 GCSE, A-C grade)

You’re eligible for this once you’ve completed ‘First Class’ and ‘Leading Cadet’ training. There is a registration fee for this award.

BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies (equivalent to 2 GCSEs, A-C grades)

Once you achieve the ‘Staff Cadet Part 1’ training syllabus you’re automatically entitled to this qualification without any further work. And it’s free to cadets.

Cadet Classifications

Once you start your learning about of aviation and other cadet subjects you can achieve various classifications. With each classification comes a badge to show your progress.

First Class Cadet. This will give you a basic grounding in the Air Training Corps. Subjects covered are:




  • The Air Training Corps
  • The Royal Air Force
  • History of Flight
  • Basic Principles of Airmanship
  • Map Reading
  • Initial Expedition Training
  • Basic Radio Communications

Leading Cadet. This will givea better understanding of how aircraft fly and how to get about with a map and compass. Subjects covered are:




  • Principles of Flight
  • Airmanship Knowledge
  • Basic Navigation with Map and Compass

Senior/Master Cadet. There are two stages to progress through here. Three subjects must be studied at each level. Subjects covered are:




  • Aircraft Handling and Flying Techniques
  • Air Power
  • Piston Engine Propulsion
  • Jet Engine Propulsion
  • Rocketry
  • Airframes
  • Avionics and Aircraft Electrical Systems
  • Military Aircraft Systems
  • Basic Air Navigation
  • Basic Principles of Pilot Navigation
  • Advanced Radio and Radar
  • Data Communications

Instructor Cadet. As an Instructor cadet you will be expected to help other cadets with their progression by teaching lessons. To become an Instructor Cadet you must pass a one day Method of Instruction Course.

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