Fieldcraft is one of the areas that Ferndown Squadron specialises in. Although we run a full programme of Air Cadet activities, having a training area right on our doorstep means we are able to regularly conduct fieldcraft activities.

So what is fieldcraft? It consists of the military skills that you will need to live and operate in a field environment, both as an individual and a team. Some of the huge benefits you get in taking part in fieldcraft activities are your ability to work in a team and lead other people in a field situation.

The Skills

In your fieldcraft training you will learn a variety of skills such as camouflage, personal movement, shelter building, patrolling and so on. You will develop your personal skills and then move on to work together in a team.




In an exercise you will operate in a team in a field environment. The team will have a mission to complete that will test your military skills, teamwork and leadership. You may have to move through enemy troops undetected, observe the enemy and report on their movements.



Weekend Camps

Weekend camps normally take place on military training areas. Generally we combine with other local Squadrons so there can be as many as 40 cadets on a weekend. You will live in a shelter and cook your own food, completing a number of missions with your team during the weekend. Generally you will end the weekend tired and muddy, but that’s all part of the fun.


Section Commander’s Course (SECCOM)

Once a year Ferndown Squadron runs this demanding course. The aim of the course is to develop the leadership and teamwork skills of the cadets taking part.

The initial stage of the course is held in the field. Each cadet taking part in the course gets a team lead. At the end of the lead the cadet will get instant feedback from an Assessor. Following the field phase cadets go on to do an interview and presentation. At the end of the course they are presented with a full course report and training recommendations.

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