The cadet Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) are the backbone of any Squadron. They help the Squadron Staff organise and run events on the Squadron. As a Cadet NCO you could be in charge of a group of cadets in many different activities, from instructing a squad in drill to looking after a group of cadets in the cold and wet on exercise. Its a big responsibility but very rewarding for those that make it.

Becoming a NCO

There is no exam or test to become an NCO. NCOs are appointed by the Squadron Commander, usually in consultation with other members of staff. NCOs must have passed their First Class Cadet Qualification. The Squadron has a rank structure so there are only a limited number of places available. Some of the things we look for in NCOs are:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Good attendance
  • Uniform and Bearing
  • Attitude
NCO Structure

Each Squadron has its own NCO structure. Corporals are at the bottom of the structure with usually a Flight Sergeant or Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) at the top. The NCOs operate as a team.

Once you have become an NCO there are two courses that you must complete. These are the Junior NCO Course and the Senior NCO Course. These are usually run by your Wing. These courses will teach a lot of the skills and attributes you will need to function as a successful NCO.

When NCOs reach the age of 18 they can, on the Squadron Commanders recommendation, continue as a Staff Cadet NCO. This means they can do all the normal cadet activities but now have additional responsibilities and are treated as a probationary member of staff.

Cadet Corporal
Cadet Sergeant
Cadet Flight Sergeant
Cadet Warrant Officer
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