Squadron Annual Training Cycle


The Squadron has recently moved to a new Annual Training Cycle.  This will run over a whole year and some of the new features will be:


  • Three periods of Aviation study
  • The adoption of the UltiLearn online exams
  • Revised training material provided by HQ Air Cadets
  • Training evenings will consist of one lesson plus another activity


The layout of the training year is shown below:

Training Cycle




Fisrt Class Training wiil take place Feb/Mar, May/Jun, Jul/Aug and Sep/Oct.

Leading Cadet Training will rotate around 3 subjects a year, as cadets leave the First Class stage they will join the next leading stage.  Exams will be taken online at the end of each Avn Studies period.  Leading cadets will continue in the programme until they have completed all three subjects then move onto Senior MAC Training.

Senior/MAC Training will rotate around 6 subjects over a 2 year period.  Once cadets leave the Leading Training they will do three subject to get their Senior Cadet folllowed by another 3 Subjects to obtain their MAC qualification.

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