At first the idea of Drill may seem strange. Drill is an essential part of being in the Air Cadets, it shows how disciplined and organised you can be as an individual. It also shows your ability to work in a team and is a way of displaying the high standards of dress and behavior which The Air Cadet Organisation is renowned for. Drill will help you develop your teamwork. As a group of cadets you will have to work together to make sure all the movements happen at the same time.

At the Squadron you will be taught by members of staff who’s knowledge of Drill and Uniform is at a very high standard, so you can be sure that you are being taught correctly.

As a cadet you will experience various different types of drill including:

  • Foot Drill (In both quick and slow time)
  • Static Drill
  • Banner Drill
  • Band Drill
  • Continuity Drill (Doing a whole Drill Sequence with little to no orders given)

You will get a chance to show off your drill on Parades. Most Squadrons take part in at least 2 parades a year.

ATC Sunday celebrates the forming of the Air Cadets in February 1941. This Parade is normally done at Wing level which will mean all the Squadrons parading in the same place. This is an impressive sight and you normally get to march through a town, even though it might be a bit cold in February!

Remembrance Day Parade commemorates the end of the First World War on 11 November 1918. In this Parade you will march with the British Legion and possibly other cadet organisations and members of the Armed Services.

RAF Drill and Ceremonial

Here is the most up-to-date copy of AP 818, the RAF Drill and Ceremonial Manual as of (10/03/2014) 20061003 – AP 818 – u (this copy of AP 818 is subject to change regularly and I will update it as and when the Master Copy is updated on Ultilearn).

Out of the whole 977 pages, you as a Cadet will only really need to look at Chapters 1 – 4 in Part One of the Manual. The rest of the Drill Manual is only there to guide those who have specific roles on a Parade and Drill Instructors, but feel free to look through the whole document.

Sgt (ATC) Wade-Arnold

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