Feb 102020
Our next Open Evening for new recruits will be on the 28th February. If you are12 years old or over, and in year 8, and like the idea of Flying, Gliding, Shooting, Fieldcraft and Adventure Training plus much more, log onto our website at 2358atc.org.uk and click on the joining us tab to register your interest and we’ll be in touch to provide you with details of when and where.
Alternatively, just send me an email at mailbox@2358atc.org.uk
You’ll spend the evening learning about life in the Cadets and seeing some of the activities we do, you’ll even get the chance to join in. If you like what you see you’ll be able to start coming from Monday 2nd March with no fees to be paid until July 2020.
We Parade on Monday and Friday evening all year round, breaking only for Bank Holidays and a Christmas stand-down, not bad for just £80 per year, we even provide the uniform for free. You can come on your own, with friends and with Parents, its really up to you.
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