Winter Bovington 2014

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Nov 242014

The Squadron successfully completed its second full day Fieldcraft activity of 2014 on Saturday 22 Nov on the Bovington East Training Day.

The days activities consisted of training in the morning followed by consolidated training in the afternoon.

The day was topped off with a two hour tactical exercise.

Flying 23rd November

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Nov 202014

To those who are flying, we are sharing 171 sqn Christchurch’s minibus.

You will need to arrive in the layby underneath the Ringwood flyover by the roundabout, for 07:30.

If you have any problems in finding this location speak to a member of staff on Friday.

FS C Roberton

Winter Bovington 22nd November 2014 JIs

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Nov 172014

Joining Instructions for the Winter Fieldcraft Day at Bovington this weekend. We will be going to the Bovington Training Area for the day on Saturday to learn some new fieldcraft skills as well as the opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a bit more of a physically demanding environment.

Joining Instructions 22112014

Any questions or if you want more detail then please ask the other cadets or staff.

FS(ATC) C Symonds

Remembrance Parades Sunday 09 Nov 14

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Nov 082014

The Squadron will be taking part in Remembrance Day Parades at West Moors and Ferndown on Sunday 09 Nov 14.


Uniform for Staff is No 1 Service Dress with medals and poppy.

Uniform for Cadets is :

  • No 2 (Full) Service Working Dress (Long sleeved light blue shirt and black tie and jumpers – formerly known as No1)
  • Ensure that you bring Jeltex Jackets if you are in Uniform
  • Smart CS95/MTP with (polished) boots and beret
  • For those without uniform, smart school uniform can be worn and you will accompany CI Lowe during the parade.

Cadets are to ensure that they have a poppy and change for the collection.  Phones are to be put on silent before the services.

Banner Bearer to ensure that Banner is present with appropriate equipment for both parades

FS Symonds to ensure that wreaths are available for both parades and that the personnel laying the wreath have been correctly briefed

West Moors Parade

Arrive at  Riverside Road, West Moors at 1000 hrs to form up for a 1030 march off.  Parade will conclude by about 1230 hrs.

Ferndown Parade

Arrive at  Peter Grant Way, Ferndown at 1410 hrs to form up for a 1430 march off.  Parade will conclude by about 1700 hrs.