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Admin Order for Wing Activities Day – 15/09/2019



  • Arrive at squadron for 0645
  • Coach leaves at 0700
  • RTU 1730
  • Arrive at squadron 1830


  • All Personnel in CS95/MTP
  • Drill team to bring 2s (light blue shirt and tie) Jumpers should be brought
  • CI’s to wear issued shirt and/or jumper

Changing for drill team:

  1. Changing should be done in transport where possible or downstairs RAC toilets (male) and downstairs drying room or RAC female toilets (females)


  • Packed lunch should be brought
  • Small change may be brought for the tuck shop although this should not be relied on
  • Trainers should be brought if cadets wish to use the climbing wall or MTB activities
  • Suitable equipment for the weather should be brought (sunscreen/waterproofs etc.)
  • 3822 with photo ID and TG21/23s must be brought in order for cadets to attend


  • You will be representing the squadron at a Wing event so professional conduct is expected
  • Will most likely be a no saluting event although this will be confirmed on arrival
  • VIPs (will be escorted by the lord lieutenant’s cadets) must be saluted
  • Team manager is responsible for conduct and behaviour of cadets at all times.

Out of Bounds:

The following are out of bounds:

  1. Regional activities centre (except toilets)
  2. Aerospace centre
  • Wing HQ unless instructed otherwise
  1. Access to Wing HQ toilets for changing is via the RAC entrance

First aid & Emergency:

  • Minor injuries are to be treated in the Admin cell
  • In the event of an injury Sqn staff and Admin cell staff should be informed
  • If necessary casualties will be taken to Salisbury District Hospital
  • OIC WAD or his deputy should be advised ASAP


  • Cadets should use the toilets in the conference centre or ground floor RAC toilets (male)



-CI Harding

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